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Standard Piercing (belly button, eye brow, nose..)

Clean fresh piercing once a day with antibacterial soap, make sure your hands are clean when handling and touching the area. Spray the Love My Piercing care on it 3 to 5 times a day, or after coming in contact with any contamination in the area. You can use a sea salt rinse twice a week, which is an 1/8 of teaspoon sea salt to a cup of water. Wait 3 to 6 weeks before changing jewelry the first time and make sure all jewelry is sterilized.

Oral Piercing (Tongue, Lip, Monroe..)

Clean fresh piercing with mouth wash twice a day. Use the Love My Piercing care every time anything enters your mouth other than air and water. You can use the sea salt rinse mentioned above twice a week, make sure your hands are clean before handling any new piercing. Do not drink beer with a fresh oral piercing. The beer has active yeast in it and can cause a yeast infection. Do not change jewelry in oral piercing until swelling goes down, and make sure all jewelry is sterilized!

If you have any questions about your piercing please contact your piercing professional!