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From second day on keep tattoo as dry as possible when taking a shower, after you get out of the shower let tattoo completely air dry before applying the Ink Seal then let air dry again before dressing. Follow this until tattoo is totally healed.

Do not soak tattoo in water for any long period of time. This will allow the scab to become mushy and peel off. the scab is holding the ink to the skin, if the scab peels the color will become blotchy when healed.

Do not use Neosporin or any other medicated creams not listen above. Other medications contain a drying agent, this could surface the ink.

Do not Tan while healing unless the tattoo is properly covered. After tattoo is healed sun block is needed for six months to prevent the sun from fading the ink.

Do not soak in hot tub or go swimming until tattoo is totally healed. The Chlorine will draw the ink out and dry the skin, which will irritate the healing process.

Do not cover tattoo with gauze. This will soak up the Ink Seal and allow the scab to dry to it. When you try and change the dressing the scab will peel off with it, losing color as it heals. If dressing is necessary, use a band aid large enough to cover the entire tattoo. cover only when needed, but allowing it to get air is best.

Do not exercise any muscles in the area of tattoo for at least 48 hours after receiving tattoo, to prevent from infection setting in. If swelling is to occur elevate the part of your body that received the tattoo, if needed apply an ice pack to swollen area, but keep tattoo dry!

If you follow all tattoo care instructions, touch-ups are free!

Please Contact us within a month of receiving tattoo to discuss your touch-up